The old adage stands true: Money can’t buy happiness. But investing money isn’t supposed to bring misery through risk and fear, either. Your view of money will have a great impact in your life until the day you die, not only dictating how you spend it and save it annually, but also deeply affecting your emotional wellbeing. An unhealthy relationship with money can cause you to take unnecessary risks or make you unprepared for the future. A healthy relationship with money can allow you confidence and contentment both today and for years to come. Your own perspective toward money isn’t always apparent. Sometimes you have to test yourself.

Well, Where do you start?

At the foundation. What is the purpose of money? Money is for provision, enjoyment and generosity. You may believe there are additional purposes to money based on your upbringing, personal experiences and beliefs. But starting with these basic principles will help guide you toward a healthier relationship with money. You’ll be able to determine how much you need to live on today, how much you would like to give away to advance impact globally and in your own community, and how much you want to set aside for everyday enjoyment. I love the saying, “Dreams do not come true, they are made true.” How we view money plays a substantial role in making your dreams and your goals come to fruition.

Money as a Way to a Means

Laying the foundation for how you view money allows you to perceive it as a tool rather than a source of pride or comfort. Understanding that you use money to acquire your livelihood now, and that your investments exist to fund a future lifestyle, will help bring you reassurance. As Ron Blue of Kingdom Advisors says, “The longer the term perspective, the better the financial decision today.”

The key realization that money is a tool and your view of it impacts your future can help you answer the question: how much? How much is enough for this year, how much will I need in retirement, how much will I need to save to reach that goal? Your outlook will help you determine how much you can give away or leave to loved ones when you pass.

Knowing that your money is but a device to attain what you really desire, you start to understand that it is a way to afford you more time with your family, more time doing what you love, or more to give. Family, doing what you love and being generous is what you love, not the currency itself.

Finding Comfort in Money

It is a lustful game to look at your net worth day in and day out and seek comfort from a growing number. But from my experience, it is a fleeting emotion and telling of why a person would need to look at that number daily for comfort. True comfort comes not from not allowing money to control you, but by taking control of your perception of money and designating the dollars that come in to what aligns best to your view of its purpose.

So what are the foundational principles that guide how you view the purpose of money? How are you currently using your money as a
tool to purchase your goals? Are you planning financially for the future? And is your financial advisor holding you accountable to your goals?

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