Month: June 2021

Expectations vs. Outcomes

Many investors will tell you that you must time markets, and be in the right place at the right time in order to see progress in your investments. This just isn’t true. This misconception leads to destructive investor behaviors, and may detract from the long-term returns you need for reaching your long-term goals. Recent changes…

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The Dollars and Cents of Being Content

  Brian Cochran joins ABQ Connect to discuss God’s call for us to be content, and what that means when it comes to wise financial planning.

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A Widow’s Guide to Finance Webinar

A Widow’s Guide to Finances John Moore Associates recently had the pleasure of hosting Miriam Neff, founder of Widow Connection, for a webinar to help widows navigate their finances. Miriam encourages those who have lost a spouse to prioritize your needs first and the needs of your family second. Surrounding yourself with a ‘board of…

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