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We continually monitor and manage your savings and investments using a Wealth Management Scorecard, and meet weekly to monitor results for our clients. So you always know that your investments are on track, or where to make any necessary changes.

Continual & Diligent

During the planning stage of our process, JMA will analyze where you are at financially, and create a personal Wealth Management Score and Scorecard. After implementing your financial plan, we help manage your investments by continually updating your Wealth Management Scorecard to reflect improvements you’ve made and the work you’ve done. That way you know when you’re on the right track, and can help determine whether to make changes.

One of the benefits of working with us is that we will continually manage your investments and savings. Our investment committee diligently monitors your portfolio, and can adjust your investments as the market changes. Whether it’s news that could affect your portfolio, or personnel changes at companies, we’re paying attention – and always ready to act if necessary. We keep you updated. We refresh our proprietary analysis weekly and share that analysis with you during our client review meetings.

By using our investment committee, we put our collective knowledge and experience to work for you. This team approach eliminates any individual investment bias. Instead, we work together to provide thoughtful strategies to help you meet your financial goals.

We may meet with our clients just two to four times a year, but we meet as a team weekly to monitor results for our clients. How often we meet to discuss your investments and planning is entirely up to you. You are also welcome to call our office with questions at any time.

If you have questions about our process, we’d encourage you to call our office today.

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