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We monitor the investments of the families we work with, and support them with ongoing analysis of your investments and quarterly meetings with you and our team. We also go the extra mile to make sure you and your family get the support and resources they need during transitions.

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The fourth part of our process is support – once you become a client of JMA, we are here for you. We have a structured process for monitoring your investments. Our team meets regularly to analyze your investments and progress in your financial goals. We use the team approach to prevent investment bias, and help make sure our client’s needs are met regardless of the status of a single financial advisor.

One of the ways that we offer ongoing support is by meeting with clients quarterly. This frequency is a guideline, as it helps us to check in with our clients at critical points throughout the year. We also like to check in periodically so you can notify us if your goals or circumstances have changed.

We are happy to meet with clients more frequently, and are available by phone to discuss questions and concerns at any time.
One of the key aspects of our business is helping families through transitions. In the event of the transfer of wealth, we are dedicated to serving all family members and advising all parties concerned on important financial decisions.

We are happy to go the extra mile to serve our clients, particularly in times of need and change. Our team has supported widows through difficult times, and once accompanied a client’s wife to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to help her determine what benefits she could access. On another occasion, our principal, John Moore, made an air ambulance transfer possible for a client who wanted to spend his last days in New Mexico, where he was born. We care deeply for the families we serve, and will do whatever we can to bring comfort and support in times of need.

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