Our Emergency Preparedness Plan

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Like any financial plan, it's best to be prepared.

Every news outlet is reporting stories of families who are rushing to stores to stock up on goods in case the recent spread of coronavirus leads to a crisis. Here at John Moore Associates, we have our own plan to prepare our business for emergencies that may impact the way we serve clients. Not only is emergency preparedness a regulatory requirement, it is also a component of the JMA core guiding principle, Serviceability. While a major disruption remains unlikely, we have the following attributes in place to prepare for an interruption to our business.

  1. A great partner – Raymond James serves as custodian for all assets under our management. Raymond James has proven to be a steady and reliable partner through multiple trials during our 23-year relationship. With their own emergency plans, multiple service locations around the country and extensive emergency reserves, we are confident the Raymond James team will remain responsive and supportive.
  2. Great leadership – Our Branch Manager, Jami Schwalm, is an incredible steward of our client relationships. She has prepared JMA for multiple potential scenarios and works tirelessly to ensure we can meet client needs.
  3. Multiple offices – Having locations in both New Mexico and Arizona allows us to continue serving clients if an emergency impacts one office location.
  4. Remote work capability – Our team has the technology and training to work remotely in the case of a quarantine or office closure. We can answer phone calls, meet with clients via Zoom online meetings, and connect with Raymond James from anywhere we can access the internet.
  5. Data security – We store our information in a secure data center that also serves major medical providers and government entities. The data center has significant security and power back-ups to remain operational during emergencies.

We are here whenever you need us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

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