Wealth is so much more
than money.

In Succession:

A Step-by-step Journey for Continuity

John Moore built John Moore Associates from the ground up. Twenty-five years later, he handed his business over to his partner, Brian Cochran. But it wasn’t as simple as stepping down, retiring and hoping the company would continue to be led in the direction of John’s own values and vision. It took years to implement.

Succession is a complex and emotional journey—one that requires intentionality, humility, and a plan in order to transition smoothly. Drawing from their own experiences in continuity and having counseled scores of clients and colleagues through their own successions, John and Brian use biblical examples to outline a clear path to prepare for retirement and set up the next generation of leadership for lasting success.


The Almighty & the Dollar

A Lifestyle of Generosity

A life full of contentment and gratitude can’t be bought. But it can be acquired through distinct financial planning. The Almighty & the Dollar: A Lifestyle of Generosity provides insight into how you can experience satisfaction and confidence about your finances. In it, John Moore and Brian Cochran share not only the principles of effective money management, but also the wisdom behind each so that you can understand why it’s beneficial to be generous. They draw from their vast experience and timeless wisdom of the Bible to educate and motivate you to better use and help grow your money—and discover the joy that comes when you give first, save second, and spend last.


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