Happiness can be bought. Just not with money.

We believe the principles that guide our lives should also guide our business. Rooted in our own values, they serve as the foundation for how we treat our clients, our partners and our communities.


We’re guided by our faith, accountable to God first, followed by our families and clients. We will model Judeo-Christian ethics. We will walk our talk, knowing that our actions speak louder than our words.


It’s your money. Except that it isn’t. The worldview of your financial planner matters. It affects their perception of money—its purpose and potential. Our financial planners and investment professionals give you some of the highest level of technical expertise along with principled counsel.


We know that, in addition to time, investing our money in worthy causes can pay big dividends to our communities. We contribute a percentage of our revenue to charities and ministries each year.


We are completely transparent about the costs associated with our services. Your account statements clearly show how each fee has been calculated. We always tell the truth—even when it’s difficult. After all, how can we instill confidence in your financial life if you’re not confident in our stewardship?


We strongly believe that long-term relationships are more important than short-term profit. We want to work and grow with our clients as well as our team members.


We strive to be good citizens, investing our time in projects that benefit the communities we serve. We ask that our team members find a civic endeavor that inspires them and volunteer to help, and we support them in these efforts.

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