Financial Planning

Helping you live the richest life possible.

We approach financial planning a little differently.

To start, we don’t consider your money, well, yours. You’re a steward of resources that affect not only you, but also the lives of the people you love and the world around you. As advisors, it’s our role to provide principled counsel drawing from a worldview that takes more into account.

Secondly, we have a different definition of financial planning: the continuous, predetermined allocation of limited resources among unlimited alternatives.

Continuous – Our planning process is based on a long-term relationship and ongoing conversation about your evolving financial priorities.

Predetermined – The best money decisions are proactive and thoughtful, not reactive and emotional.

Limited Resources – Whether you have $500,000 or $50,000,000, your finite resources must be stewarded wisely.

Unlimited Alternatives – Decision making is all about tradeoffs, which become more complex and challenging as your wealth grows.

The Way We Work


A Handshake Starts Things Off On The Right Foot

We spend our first meeting getting to know you, your family, your values, your goals, and your expectations.

Looking Ahead to the Future

In our second meeting, we help you connect numbers to goals. After gathering your financial information, we walk you through our comprehensive planning software to affirm goals, identify where you stand today, and share our initial insights.


Principled Counsel

Lastly, we share our actionable recommendations. This might include investment strategies, estate planning considerations, tax planning opportunities, social security filing, insurance changes, and cash flow allocation.

Continuous Support

Once you complete the initial onboarding, we transition to semi-annual review meetings where we revisit your plan, update goals, and share changes based on new tax, estate, and investment opportunities.


Certified Kingdom Advisors®

Our dedication to our clients and our purpose as stewards of their wealth includes the continuous pursuit of knowledge and raising our practice to a higher level of expertise and understanding.