Gamechanger Giving

What does it mean to be a gamechanger?

The dictionary defines a “gamechanger” as a “newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.” There are many charitable organizations out there waiting for the gift that will change everything. Can that gift-giver be you?

Over the past few months, we have had the privilege of discussing potential gamechanger gifts to ministries and charities with several of our generous clients. These conversations have already resulted in several gifts to organizations whose missions and causes the givers are particularly passionate about supporting. If you are involved in a charitable organization, have you ever considered how you might respond if a giver offered a sum of money and asked, “What can you do with these funds that would create significant change while improving outcomes?”

This is precisely what one of our clients asked a non-profit that serves children with disabilities. Leaders of the organization shared that due to some lost funding, they could not host a summer camp experience as planned. When the client learned about the need and discovered that a financial contribution would enable this impactful program to proceed, they were moved toward generosity.

The amount donated was the most significant gift our client had ever given a single organization. This generous gift was a gamechanger for both the giver, who experienced the joy of generosity, and the receiver, who was able to fulfill its mission to serve children.

One of the most important financial questions anyone can ask is, “How much is enough?” A second question would be, “What about my family?” Answering those questions allows a third: “What will I do with the rest?”

Thoughtfully and prayerfully exploring these questions could potentially be a gamechanger for the giver while enabling game-changing gifts.

One of our clients has a real passion for seeing young men with mental health struggles receive the help they require. Due to some personal family experience, she became aware of a need for an extended residential program leading to better outcomes for those receiving care.

After thorough research, our client identified an organization committed to serving this segment of the population. The charity had plans to build a ten-bed modular structure to add to their existing property. Our client was able to fund the purchase and installation of the building, and provide significant operating funds to launch the new program. Our community will be better off because of our client’s financial investment.

The holidays are an excellent time to express gratitude as we count our blessings. It is also a wonderful time to consider charitable giving. Are you aware of the many needs around you? Do you know a charity or ministry committed to a cause that resonates with your heart? How could a gamechanger gift increase its capacity or accelerate the fulfillment of its mission?

This holiday season, consider pausing long enough to answer the three questions below and look for an opportunity to make a gamechanger gift.

  1. How much is enough?
  2. What about my family?
  3. What will I do with the rest?

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