Month: January 2020

The Year of Employment

The U.S. jobs market is on fire. And not the “crumbling-into-a-smoldering-pile-of-ash” kind. We are experiencing a record-setting environment, and most Americans have no idea. Either they’re oblivious or so misinformed that they can’t appreciate it. There are currently over one million more job openings than there are unemployed people to fill them! “Help Wanted” signs…

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Staring into the Depths of Debt

January is here, which means Christmas is over. But debt still lingers long after the bells stop jingling. John Moore Associate’s Brian Cochran discusses how to look at debt, how you can mitigate it, and why borrowing isn’t a sin. Any opinions are those of Brian Cochran and not necessarily those of Raymond James. The…

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The SECURE Act: Who Does it Affect?

The new decade brings with it new laws. Congress passed the SECURE Act in late December, which includes many impactful reforms for retirement plans, along with a few ancillary tax updates and extensions. The SECURE Act will touch most American families in one way or another. Rather than try to relay all of the changes…

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