Benefits, Generosity, Succession

Brian Cochran joins the Campbell Law Reporter to discuss the importance of entrepreneurial generosity, beginning with tips for how small business owners can navigate benefits. He advises owners who might be wondering how they can better care for and retain employees to build a culture of generosity by rethinking their benefits packages. This culture of giving can then extend to either private or public-facing charitable giving. When a business makes their values known, they can attract employees who share and champion those same values.

Employee morale and retention aren’t the only challenges small business owners face. Succession can also make or break a small business. Cochran, who found himself in a successor role with founder John Moore, offers guidance to small business owners who are considering the next chapter of their business. Cochran and Moore wrote about the challenges of succession in their book, In Succession: A Step-By-Step Journey For Continuity.

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