Month: May 2022

Webinar: Principles and Perspectives During Market Volatility

Stock market volatility continues to accelerate in response to inflation, rising interest rates, and global growth concerns. Brian Cochran shares insights from the JMA Investment Committee and principles to apply during times of uncertainty in this market update webinar.

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ABQ Connect: National Christian Foundation Study

Over the next 25 years, a tremendous transfer of wealth is expected to take place between generations within families and through donations to charities. The National Christian Foundation surveyed Christians to find out how they feel about this transfer of wealth and what guides their giving. Brian Cochran joins KLYT to discuss the results of…

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Rate Hikes Produce Savings Opportunities

Why the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, and three ways you can grow your wealth in this new economy. As expected, the Federal Reserve has announced that they will be increasing the federal funds rate by 50 basis points, or half a percent. This rate increase marks the single largest one-time interest increase in…

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