Successful Succession Planning

Too many businesses stumble at the point of succession. Unspoken assumptions about who will take the helm of a company can lead to last-minute surprises and disappointments. Succession built on an unsteady foundation can create instability for everyone on a team. But when succession is planned carefully and handled as a collaboration between successor and predecessor, the result can actually strengthen a company. That’s why we prefer to think in terms of continuity rather than succession.

In this webinar, John Moore and Brian Cochran join Kingdom Advisor President Rob West to discuss their experience with continuity planning and provide some insights to business owners in this situation.

Watch the video to learn:

  • The right way to think of succession
  • The importance of values alignment
  • The role of communication
  • How continuity planning can be a joy and a blessing

Download the study guide below for additional questions and thought exercises to consider while you watch. Whether you’re the predecessor looking toward retirement or the successor planning to step into leadership, these exercises will give you new insight to bring into the process.