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We use a structured process to create a financial plan that is right for you and your family’s needs. Through analyzing 18 components of your financial life, we design the right plan for you.

Personalized Proposal

After you meet with our team to discuss your financial goals, we move onto the planning stage. JMA uses a structured process to create a financial plan for your family. This plan is typically a collaboration of multiple members of our team, and it has been specifically designed to help your family achieve its goals.

During the planning stage, we analyze all of your assets and investments. After we meet with you, our team will get together to look at all your options and goals. They say two heads are better than one, and when working with JMA you have benefit of ten financial minds analyzing where you’re at, and the best options for moving forward.

Our team analyzes 18 components of your financial life including your education and retirement savings, estate and tax planning and investment allocations. We also consult our panel of CPAs, insurance advisors, estate attorneys, and business planners to help ensure every part of your financial life is addressed.

After we complete a plan, we meet with the client again to discuss options and goals. Part of this process is putting together a complete financial picture for our clients, which is often the first time a client has been able to view all their money in one place. We then walk you through a personalized Investment Proposal for your current portfolio. Our recommendations are never cookie cutter, but instead based on your goals and risk tolerance. We take the time to explain our investment models and decision-making process, and to answer any questions.

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