Month: March 2020

The Contagious Effect on the Market

When a new epidemic arises, stocks tend to fall ill. Brian Cochran, Financial Planner at John Moore Associates, talks about how fears surrounding viruses affect investments, which stocks are most prone to volatility, and reminds us why we shouldn’t panic. Any opinions are those of Brian Cochran and not necessarily those of Raymond James. The…

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Our Emergency Preparedness Plan

Like any financial plan, it’s best to be prepared. Every news outlet is reporting stories of families who are rushing to stores to stock up on goods in case the recent spread of coronavirus leads to a crisis. Here at John Moore Associates, we have our own plan to prepare our business for emergencies that…

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Our Thoughts on Market Volatility

Stock markets experienced a swift correction over the last week. News of the spreading Coronavirus and the potential for economic disruption triggered a flight to safe investments as everyone does their best to assess the potential risks. The future is always uncertain, and we do not see any value in trying to predict the outcome….

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