Month: February 2022

Data Tells A Story

Data is the ultimate storyteller. There is no deception in data, and no hiding from it, either. And right now the data is telling a very interesting story about what is going on in our economy. There are three main characters in today’s data story: Inflation Interest Rates Employment Inflation Inflation continues to run hot,…

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New Mexico Education Day Speaker Highlights

Thank you to all who attended New Mexico’s Education Day! In case you missed it, check out highlights from our dynamic speakers, David Summers and Bob Doll.

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The Flat Road Ahead

The market has a way of sorting itself out. Take the last two years as an example. In 2020, we watched the stock market drop 34% in less than a month, bottoming out on March 23rd. This marked the largest drop since the Great Recession in 2008-2009, and some of the worst individual trading days…

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