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Wealth Transfer Planning

Preparing the next generation to be wise financial stewards.

We believe that money should be managed by the same principles that guide your life. Nowhere is that more important than when planning a financial future that spans generations.

The wealth you leave behind for your children and grandchildren isn’t merely measured in dollars and cents, but in values and sense. Estate planning is an opportunity to reflect on what matters most and plan for a future that pays dividends in joy, wisdom, and growth for your family, and family yet to come.

Preparing the Next Generation

In our three-part video series, Brian Cochran meets with experts to talk about some important lessons for transferring wealth to the next generation:

Caring for Aging Family Members

As the first of a three-part video series on generational wealth transfer, Brian Cochran sits down with Susan Stuart, a care manager with over 27 years of experience in guiding New Mexico’s elderly through the often complex and overwhelming processes of aging and receiving care. We discuss some of the signs you may be approaching…

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Preparing Executors and Trustees

In the second video in our series on Preparing the Next Generation, Brian Cochran sits down with Curtis Vernon, an Albuquerque estate attorney to discuss the practical side of naming an executor or trustee for your estate. We talk about the importance of customizing your estate plan to your family’s particular circumstances, and what you…

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Being a Wise Steward of an Inheritance

In our third and final video in our Preparing the Next Generation video series, John Moore Associates financial planners Brian Cochran and Cole Leonida sit down to talk about how to best prepare a family to become wise stewards of inherited wealth. We discuss the importance of thoughtful planning and communication in protecting not just…

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Additional Wealth Transfer Insights

Successful Succession Planning

Too many businesses stumble at the point of succession. Unspoken assumptions about who will take the helm of a company can lead to last-minute surprises and disappointments. Succession built on an unsteady foundation can create instability for everyone on a team. But when succession is planned carefully and handled as a collaboration between successor and…

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Love them equally, treat them uniquely

We often use this quote from Ron Blue when describing our recommended thought process for designing an estate plan. Over the years, we continue to find that each beneficiary has unique needs that should be addressed using unique solutions. For example, a large lump sum could be a financial disservice to a family member who…

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Tuition Paid & Lessons Learned

Millennials are now the largest generation in the US and the most represented age group in the workforce. I’m one of them. We are starting to save and invest in stocks, real estate and other markets, which is great news. Everyone benefits from a new generation of buyers as the baby boomers retire and become…

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