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HSA: A Healthy Way to Save

One of the most underappreciated tools in tax planning is the Health Savings Account (HSA). The HSA was created in 2003 as a way to provide tax benefits for Americans who want to set aside funds for future healthcare expenses. There are many benefits to having an HSA besides helping pay for medical services. They…

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Why I Hired a Financial Advisor, by a Financial Advisor

Friends and prospective clients often ask me why they should hire a financial advisor. It’s a logical question. Why should they? I thought it might be helpful to share why I hired an advisor before switching careers and becoming an advisor myself. I was once a pharmacist, having spent a 30-year career with Walgreens. I…

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Too Much of a Good Thing: Owning Your Employer’s Stock

While owning a piece of the company you work for can have obvious financial rewards, it can also have potentially greater risks than investing in a diversified portfolio. I have personally experienced the ups and downs of building a large portfolio of employer stock, and I learned a few things along the way: Pros 1….

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