Lessons and Principles from the Last Three Years

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At John Moore Associates, we believe in educating our clients and empowering them with financial knowledge to become better stewards of their own wealth and resources. Our commitment to generosity extends to our insights, which we offer freely, because the better educated you are as a steward, the better your financial decisions.

In this video, Brian Cochran looks back over a few of our JMA Insights over the last three years, exploring some of the unprecedented and turbulent times we all witnessed since 2020. Watch below for a summary of each topic, the key take-aways, and action items that can still apply to managing your finances.

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The posts mentioned in this video can be read at the links below:

July 2020: The Journey From Greed to Fear

How a new generation of investors began participating in the market, and the risks and pitfalls associated with letting emotions guide investments.

August 2021: Time to Stop the Stimulus

The trade-offs of government assistance, and why we should all plan for higher taxes going forward.

February 2022: The Flat Road Ahead

Insights about inflation and market trends, with encouragement about the value of looking at the long term.

May 2022: Rate Hikes Produce Savings Opportunities

A look at the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike, and what opportunities that has created for savers.

October 2022: Market Volatility During Midterm Elections

A historic perspective on the effect of elections on the market, and an encouragement to focus on the long-term.

January 2023: Why Now Is Not the Time to Buy Annuities

A look at why annuity sales rise in times of uncertainty, and why buying an annuity in a down market may not be the best idea.

February 2023: To Risk or Not to Risk

An explanation of interest rates and what to expect in bull and bear markets.

October 2023 – Turbulence in the Bond Market

A look at why bonds, which are often viewed as safer investments, might under-perform, and how investors should respond.


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